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剛經歷過情人節和元宵節,感情狀態有改變嗎?中醫理論認為情志情緒變化會直接影響健康,戀愛中的人會特別心花怒放(也可能很多時候會怒髮衝冠!),失戀的人意志消沈、食慾不振…… 其實全部都有理論 根據 ,今日教你鑒貌辨色,從一個人的特徵和症狀了解情感狀態,還可以用合適的茶療紓緩症狀。


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Antidote for break-ups?
Chinese medicine love clinic

The Valentine’s Day and Lantern Festival have just passed. Did your relationship status change? Chinese Medicine theories believe emotional changes can affect your health. People in love are often glowing (though at times furious!), but those who have gone through a breakup would experience appetite loss and fatigue. There are even theories to explain these phenomena.

Today, we will teach you how to differentiate a person’s relationship status based on their looks, characteristics, and symptoms. And see what herbal good could ease different symptoms.

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