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1. 不要過度使用止汗劑

2. 流汗時勿沖凍水涼

3. 流汗時避免吹風

4. 薑皮水抹身

Tips to manage sweating

Sweating in the summer is unavoidable and sweating is health for the body. From Chinese medicine perspective, you should note location, time and volume of your sweats as well as pay attention to what you do after sweating. See if you have made any of below mistakes.

1. Don’t over use anti perspirant
Sweating appropriately can improve metabolism and get rid of excess dampness in the body. You should limit to applying anti-perspirant to twice a day and choose to use the ones that are natural without alcohol.

2. Don’t take a cold shower when you’re sweating
When your body temperature needs to be lowered, sweating also opens up your pores. Taking a cold shower will allow cold pathogens to attack and hurt yang qi. After exercising you should dry your sweat and wait about 30 minutes before showering and avoid using cold water.

3. Avoid air vents when sweating
As your pores are open, getting blown on can lead to sickness.

4. Use ginger skin to wipe your body
You can reduce sweating using ginger skin water. When you cook with ginger, save the peel and air dry to use.
Preparation: grab a bunch of ginger skin and put into a soup bag. Add in 10 bowls of water and cook on high heat until boiling. Then simmer for 10 minutes. When the water has cooled down, you can use it to wipe your body after showing.
Note: apply on your arms or legs first to ensure you don’t have any allergic reaction.

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