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Simple stretches to strengthen bones and muscles
Who does not know how to stretch their body? Many of us have learned stretching exercises at a young age – twisting our waist and stretching our legs during the physical education class. It may seem like everyone knows about stretching exercises, but we are here to bust three myths and correct some misconceptions. Join us on these simple workouts to improve the flexibility of your muscles!

Myth 1: Stretching exercise is only effective if you have pain!
Answer: As long as you feel the tension in the muscles when carrying out stretching exercises, that is good enough. Pain can be an indication of a muscle injury. The correct stretching exercise should not cause pain, even on the next day.

Myth 2: Stretching exercises just serve as warmups before participating in actual sports.
Answer: No doubt stretches are important prior to taking part in sports, but these exercises will bring long-term benefits to our general health if we do it regularly. Stretches help increase the flexibility of our muscles, connective tissues and tendons, hence improving our ability to carry out activities, reducing the chances of us injuries, relaxing our muscles, improving blood circulation and solving water retention problems.

Myth 3: The moreg time you spend on stretches the better.
Answer: The first 10 seconds in a stretching exercise can help expand the muscles, and we should remain in the posture for at least 20 – 30 seconds. Exercise for each body part should not exceed 10 minutes, as it might strain our muscles.

Come and learn these basic stretching exercises. You can even perform these routines in office!

Shoulder and neck: sit on a chair, grab the chair with your left hand, then pinch your left earlobe with fingers on your right hand; tilt your head to the right and stretch. Stay in the position for 15 seconds, and switch sides thereafter. Repeat the set continuously for 5 minutes.

Waist: sit on a chair, twist your waist to the left; grab the chair’s handle on the left with both hands; you should feel tension in the tendons. Stay in that position for 15 seconds, and switch sides thereafter. Repeat the set continuously for 5 minutes.

Legs: sit on a chair, lift up your left ankle, and stretch out your calf until you feel soreness; stay in the position for 15 seconds, and switch sides thereafter. Repeat the set continuously for 5 minutes.

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