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金針菜 — 又名忘憂草、萱草花、黃花菜,性涼,具有解鬱悶、寬胸膈、利濕熱功效,適合心情鬱悶、心神不安、健忘失眠者食用。金針菜可以買到新鮮和乾品,新鮮金針花含秋水仙鹼,可導致腹瀉及嘔吐等腸胃不適症狀,烹煮前宜先浸泡半小時然後徹底煮熟才食用;而乾品金針菜則已處理有毒部份。

白蘿蔔 — 性寒,具順氣寬中、健胃消食、清熱利尿、生津止渴的功效,尤其適合氣滯、血瘀體質人士食用,有行氣功效;而氣虛體弱、虛喘氣短、容易腹瀉、陽虛體質不宜食用,正在服用補氣中藥亦要避免,否則影響藥效。

柑桔 — 性溫,有理氣解鬱、消食化痰的作用,對於有胸悶氣結、心情鬱悶的人最為適合,同時可紓緩因肝氣鬱結而引起食慾不振。要注意脾胃氣虛者者不宜多吃。

Three ingredients to regulate qi and relieve depression
Joy, anger and sadness are common emotions. Chinese medicine believes that excessive emotions will affect organs and cause ailments. According to ancient Chinese medicine book “Huangdi Neijing”, many illnesses are related to qi. Qi will raise when one is angry, qi will slow down when one is happy, qi will disappear when one is sad, qi will sink when one is fearful. So you should learn to properly manage your emotions, and eat more ingredients that can regulate qi and relieve stress.

Lily flower- cool in nature, can relieve depression and relieve damp-heat. It is suitable for those who are depressed, irritable, forgetful and have insomnia. Lily flower comes in both dried and fresh. Fresh lily flower contains colchicine, which can cause gastrointestinal discomfort such as diarrhea and vomiting. It should be soaked for half an hour before cooking and then cooked thoroughly before eating. Toxin is removed from dried lily flower.

White radish- cold in nature, can nourish qi, strengthen the stomach and aid digestion, clear heat and promote diuresis, promote fluid production and relieve thirst. It is suitable for qi stagnation, blood stasis body types, and it is not suitable for those with asthenic qi, shortness of breath, prone to have diarrhea and yang deficiency. Those having Chinese medicine to replenish qi should also avoid radish as it may interfere with the medicinal healing effects.

Kumquat- warm in nature. It helps to regulate qi and relieve depression, aid digestion and reduce phlegm. It is especially suitable for those for those with qi stagnation and tight chest, and those in a bad mood. It helps to relieve lack of appetite due to liver qi stagnation. Note those with weak spleen and stomach should not have too many.

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