September 6, 2020




舌邊有齒痕 — 你氣虛啊!齒痕是因為舌體胖大而受齒緣壓迫所致。
舌苔白膩 — 身體有濕!平日多吃生冷食物吧?
地圖苔 — 看來你長期腸胃不適啊!脾胃消化功能不好,胃氣不足,舌苔也不能好好依附在舌頭上。
舌底血脈色紫 — 血瘀體質的症狀,在煩惱怎樣消取熊貓眼吧?

Relax for a minute- Secret of the tongue
During consultation, a Chinese medicine physician will request you to stretch and expose your tongue, so he or she can inspect its color and shape to proceed with the diagnosis. A healthy tongue should not be overly thick or thin; should be pinkish in color with a glossy appearance, and the coating on the tongue should be thin and white. Have you taken a serious look at your own tongue? Now take out a mirror, and try to understand your health condition. If you have any questions, you can seek advice from a registered Chinese medicine practitioner. 

The edges of the tongue has teeth marks – A case of qi deficiency! The teeth marks are caused by the swollen tongue that pushes against the teeth. 

The coating on the tongue is white and greasy – Dampness in the body! I suppose you must have consumed a lot of raw and cold food?

Geographic tongue – looks like you have experienced intestinal and stomach discomfort for an extended period! If the spleen and stomach do not function properly, and the stomach is deficient of qi, the coating will not be able to distribute equally on the tongue.

Purple veins beneath the tongue – symptom of blood stasis; struggling to get rid of dark eyes circles?

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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