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– 感到痛楚時不要死忍,或感到任何不適時要停止按摩
– 懷孕或行經中的婦女不建議按摩
– 皮膚有損傷、感染、潰瘍或有腫瘤都不宜按摩
– 患有骨質疏鬆或曾經骨折人士不宜按摩
– 患有發燒、重症、出血性疾病、高血壓患者或皮膚破損均不宜按摩
– 過飢、過飽、過於疲倦或酒後狀態均不宜按摩
– 避免踩背、啪骨等容易令骨骼移位的按摩手法
– 避免用力按壓後頸椎位置,以免出現腦中風等危險症狀

Can you have massages daily?
I have been really in love with massages, can I get it daily on my vacation to Thailand?
CheckCheckCin: Many people choose to get a massage to relieve neck stiffness and muscle pain, and getting a massage become a habit overtime. From Chinese medicine perspective, massages can improve qi and blood flow, strengthen muscles and tendon, and relieve pain. Whether or not you can have massages daily depends on personal needs and condition. If your pain is relieved during massage but returns soon after the end of it, then we do not suggest using massage to resolve the issue, and you should seek professional practitioner medical advice.
Massage tips:
– When the massage is causing pain or discomfort, you should not continue to endure and should stop
– we do not recommend massages for those who are pregnant or menstruating
– areas with skin damage, infection, ulcer or tumours should not be massaged
– those with osteoporosis or have previously broken bone should not have massages
– Those with fever, serious illness, bleeding diseases, high blood pressure or skin sores should not have massages
– Those who are too hungry, too full, too tired or hungover should not have massages
– Avoid bone shifting massage methods such as bone cracking and back stepping
– Avoid massaging the Posterior cervical spine hardly to avoid dangerous conditions such as stroke

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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