March 26, 2019



腳底反射區 — 頭部

腳底反射區 — 肝臟

Foot massages are healthy but cannot cure diseases
Foot massage is a very popular thing and many people like to get one after work to relax and destress. There are locations on the bottom of feet corresponding to different organs in the body. Massage can help with blood and qi circulation to ensure blood flows through vessels smoothly and massaging corresponding points can also improve organ function and symptoms.
Some people believe you have to massage your feet until there is pain to be effective, and they also believe the more painful a spot is, the more serious the problem with the corresponding organ. These are all misconceptions as pain level usually depends on massage strength and tools. If certain reflexology points are painful, it could mean the corresponding organ has health issues or deficiencies, and you should seek professional medical advice. Foot massage can only improve blood flow to the corresponding organs to relieve symptoms but does not cure any diseases.
Aside from visiting foot massage shops, you can also massage your feet at home:
Head Reflexology Point
Location: refer to corresponding illustration in post
Effects: relieve headaches and migraine
Method: use your thumb to massage for 5-10 seconds for about 3-5 times
Liver Reflexology Point
Location: refer to corresponding illustration in post
Effects: alleviate symptoms related to liver issues such as insomnia, tired eyes and hangover
Method: Bend your index finger and massage from top to bottom for 5-10 seconds for about 10 times

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