May 15, 2023


蝶豆花 — 含花青素,有通經及抗凝血作用,因此孕婦、血虛、經血量多、胃寒、來經期間人士不宜。中醫沒有以蝶豆花入藥,不屬中藥材之列。

洛神花 — 性寒,清熱解毒、消滯、養顏。脾胃虛寒者及孕婦不宜飲用,亦不宜空腹飲用。

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A healthy, radiant complexion is often described as having a “rosy” glow, while a dull complexion can give the impression of low energy levels. Among the many types of flower teas that we enjoy, butterfly pea and roselle are known for their skin-enhancing properties. Although not a traditional Chinese herb, butterfly pea tea has been found in studies to have heat-clearing, blood-invigorating, and circulation-promoting effects.

When brewed, butterfly pea tea has a blue color due to its anthocyanin content, which turns purple when acidic substances like lemon juice are added. Those with blood stasis-prone constitutions, characterized by a dark complexion and lips, can benefit from drinking teas that promote circulation and improve skin tone.

On the other hand, roselle is known for its heat-clearing, digestive-regulating, and detoxifying effects, as well as its ability to nourish the skin and minimize dark spots. Its antioxidant properties are superior to those of many other flower teas, and it can help hydrate the skin and give it a rosy glow.

Butterfly Pea – contains anthocyanin, can open up channels and serve as an anticoagulant. It is not suitable for ladies who are pregnant or menstruating, or those with cold stomach. Chinese medicine does not prescribe butterfly pea as a medicine as it is not considered a Chinese herb.

Roselle – cold in nature, clears heat and detoxifies, aids digestion, improves skin quality. It is cold in nature so those with asthenic cold spleen and stomach and those who are pregnant should avoid. As it is quite sour, it should not be consumed with empty stomach.

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