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Grain full solar term signifies that the grains of the summer crops are ready to be harvested. Rainfall increases and the weather turns hot. Everyone naturally turns to eating ice-cream or drinking cold drinks to cool down the body more quickly, which leads to stomach issues. The important diet note during grain full is to clear heat and promote fluid promotion. Eat ingredients that can clear heat and dispel dampness, such as winter melon, cucumber, luffa, mung beans, coix seeds, water chestnuts or Chinese yam. It is more suitable for have lighter meals avoid warm and hot natured and fried and oily foods to prevent heat increase in the body. For those who are working in air conditioned places, beware of the temperature change from indoor to outdoor. It’s best to bring a thin jacket along to the office. Have a cup of rice water daily to have a healthy basis with a healthy digestive system.

Healthy living during Grain full Solar Term:
“Clear heat, promote fluid promotion. Strengthen the spleen and stomach.”

CheckCheckCin recommendation: Very Hot(Qi)
✔️Bad breath
✔️Frequent eye discharge
✔️Red and dry eyes
✔️Frequent loss of temper
✔️Scanty or yellowish urine

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