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梳頭 — 梳子往頭裡梳,頭髮因為靜電而亂飛亂翹,結果越梳越亂。

穿毛衣 — 尤其樽領毛衣,由上而下從頭穿過後,頭髮就像佛光乍現般升起。

觸摸門鎖 — 手指觸碰門鎖的一瞬間,「啪」的一聲就觸電了。

握手 — 是愛情來了的感覺嗎?說笑罷了,是靜電啊!

瀡滑梯 — 現今大多是塑膠滑梯,瀡滑梯後小朋友瞬間變海膽頭。

Avoid static shock in the winter
In addition to suffering from skin problems during the dry winter, sometimes you also get static shocked. When the electric human body comes in contact with conductor without electricity, the electrons flow and create strong and immediate electricity flow which creates the shock. Reasons like dryness and friction are unfavorable for electric charge transfer and can easily accumulate static electricity, so those with yin deficiency and blood deficiency are particularly vulnerable to static shocks. To avoid static shocks, you can increase humidity in the environment, reduce friction, or look for something to transfer the electricity. Here are a few anti-static tips to help you.

Moments prime for static shocks:
Combing hair- the comb is combed into the head, and the hair is messy due to static electricity.
Solution: wooden comb is better than plastic comb, soak the comb with water before combing your hair.

Wearing sweaters- especially turtleneck sweaters. After passing through from top to bottom, the hair rises like the light of a Buddha.
Solution: choose cotton clothing that is not likely to cause static electricity.

Touching the door lock- the moment you touch your door lock with your finger, you get a static shock.
Solution: touch the wall with your hand first to discharge the static electricity in the body through the wall before touching the door lock.

Handshaking- is it the feeling of love? Just kidding, it is static!
Solution: apply hand cream to increase moisture in your hands before shaking hands.

Playing on slides- most of the slides are made with plastic now. After playing slides, the hair style of children become sea urchins instantly.
Solution: Children may find it very interesting, perhaps you don’t need a solution? If you are afraid that too much static electricity will accumulate on the body, you can ask them to sit on a wooden chair to release the static electricity after playing.

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