August 27, 2018



暑假完結,學生又重拾校園生活的節奏,有沒有發現開學後小朋友特別容易病?上學兩天已經傷風、咳嗽、流鼻水又或是腸胃不適,學校相對人口較密雜,也較容易傳染疾病。 《黃帝內經》提到:「邪之所湊,其氣必虛。」肺脾氣虛型的小朋友較容易被惹病,這種小孩多面色偏白、聲音弱小、終日神疲乏力、多汗、肌肉鬆軟、腹部脹滿有脹氣、大便質軟或不暢等。由於肺氣不足,未可正常防禦外邪,容易感染呼吸道疾病;而脾氣不足,則不可把食物轉化成身體能吸收的營養,身體也會較虛弱。


1. 充足睡眠 - 睡眠足自然能強身防病
2. 適量運動 - 多到公園玩耍,吸收陽光的維他命D、呼吸新鮮空氣
3. 注意保暖 - 常備外套,注意背部及肚子保暖,有利陽氣潛藏
4. 回家後換衫洗手 - 避免把病菌帶回家
5. 適量進食粗糧 - 如番薯、米、薯仔等,有助健脾胃
6. 多吃新鮮水果 - 吸收維他命
7. 飲用米水 - 調養脾胃,強身防病

Getting sick easily at school?
As summer is ending, students have to get back into rhythm of school life. Do you find your children getting sick easily when school starts? Perhaps the kids are already coughing and sneezing or having stomach discomfort. School environments are usually more crowded and prime for spread of diseases. The ancient medicine says ‘pathogens gather in those with qi deficiency’. Kids with qi deficiency of the lungs and spleen get sick more easily. They have yellowish complexion, vocal weakness, fatigue, excessive sweating, soft muscles, abdominal bloating, soft stool or difficulty to pass stool. Due to lung qi deficiency, they cannot properly protect from external attacks and prone to respiratory diseases. Spleen qi deficiency effects the body’s ability to absorb nutrients and the overall health is weakened.

To strengthen the body, don’t over consume tonic foods such as fish mao or Korean ginseng. It is important to have healthy habits, protect yang qi, good dietary habits, and nourish the spleen and stomach.

Tips to prevent illness:
1. Have sufficient sleep- this will naturally strengthen the body
2. Exercise appropriately- go play in the park, get some vitamin D under the sun and breathe in fresh air
3. Keep warm- bring a cardigan or jacket out and always keep the back and abdomen area warm to protect yang qi
4. Change your clothes and wash hands as soon as you get home- to avoid bringing viruses home
5. Consume coarse grains appropriately- sweet potatoes, rice, potatoes can help to strengthen the spleen and stomach

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