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Get rid of bruising with a hard boiled egg?
You might remember as a kid when you would get a bruise, your mom would boil an egg for it. She would stuff a silver ring or necklace into the egg, then wrap the egg with a towel. Then rub the towel on the bruise while the egg was still hot. When you open up the towel, you found that the silverware turned to black! It is said that this method can remove blood stasis. The bruises would slowly disappear in a few days.

The reality is egg does not has a special effect on healing bruises. The egg is only a medium used for the process of rubbing. The principle of removing blood stasis is to warm the blood and activate the flow by heat. Egg was the convenient choice in the old days as its shape is suitable for rolling on the skin. As for the blackening of silverware, it is actually the chemical action of silverware and egg with thermal contact, and it is not related with sucking blood stasis.
If you are bruised, it is recommended to disperse blood stasis by rubbing with heat.

However, you should rub the bruises after passing “golden 72 hours”. As the bruises are in formation in the first 72 hours, the coagulation of blood vessels under the skin are still not completely formed. Rubbing may enlarge the bruises. When the bruise has just formed, it is recommended to apply an ice pack to reduce the bleeding.
After 72 hours, you can apply hot packing and rubbing the bruises to promote blood circulation then disperse blood stasis.

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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