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Get through menopause with ease
Does it seem like your mom is extra moody lately? Is she experiencing various minor and somewhat major health problems? She may be experiencing menopause! Female generally terminate their menstruation around age 49. At this time, the degradation of uterus and ovaries begins, which is a transitional period in which fertility gradually declines with age. Menopause is often accompanied by symptoms of deficiency in kidney yin and excessive liver heat such as hot flashes, excessive sweating, insomnia, anxiety, backache, dry mouth, emotional agitation. This is the time to pay more attention to your mom, and remind her to pay attention to below health tips to ease menopause symptoms!

Health tips for menopause (Suitable for both men and women)
✓Watch your diet and consume food that can clear heat, moisten dryness, nourish yin and blood
✓Nourish your mind and spirit, and takes more outdoor walk.
✓Cultivate habits and spend time doing things that makes you happy.
✓Do moderate cardio exercises such as yoga, slower walking every week to stretch bones, joints, and meridians.
✓Eat less oily, fatty, and spicy foods in order to avoid heat in body and consumes fluid, which aggravates hot flashes and insomnia.
✓Maintain health by consulting with Chinese medicine practitioner and taking Chinese medicine to reduce discomfort and slow down aging.

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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