May 5, 2019

#24節氣 – 立夏】




*夏季限定特飲.冬瓜奇異果茅根茶 新登場*


元朗店|元朗朗日路8號形點II A262a號舖

Summer is here. The days are becoming longer and the nights shorter. Yang qi is rising while yin qi is falling gradually. It will start to get warmer with more frequent thunder and rain. As you go from spring to summer, the liver qi may weaken, and heart qi will strengthen. Strengthening of liver during spring will finish for now, and it is suitable to consume sour food such as lemon, passion fruit, ume plum to improve fluid production to relieve thirst, reduce sweating and calm the mind. The heart fire is prone to be overactive now so it is important to nourish your heart and relieve fire in the summer. Eat lighter and less cold/raw food to reduce the burden on the spleen and stomach to prevent digestive issues that tend to happen during the summer.

Gentle reminders:
.Drink rice water every day to reduce the burden on the spleen and stomach.
.Eat lighter and less tonic food.
.Have winter melon with skin to better clear summer heat better.

* Our summer special drink Energising Winter Melon Kiwi Tea – available now! *
It’s the start of summer. The temperature is rising and there will be increased thunder and rain. Your diet plan should focus to clear summer heat and dispel dampness. The summer drink Energising Winter Melon Kiwi Tea becomes available today and it is a great drink for the season. It is refreshing and helps to relieve irritability, loss of sleep, canker sores, diuresis and heaviness in limbs. It is available both as both hot and cold.

Energising Winter Melon Kiwi Tea
Ingredients: Winter Melon, Kiwi, Imperatae, Juncus Effusus, Lemon
Available at all CheckCheckCin shops.

Sheung Wan | G/F, Kai Fung Building, 4-6 Jervois Street, Sheung Wan
Causeway Bay | Shop No. G14, Windsor House, 311 Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay
Eslite (TK) | Shop No. L109, 1/F, Cityplaza, No. 18 Taikoo Shing Road, Tai Koo
Eslite (TST) | Shop L216, 2/F, Star Annex, Star House, 3 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
Yuen Long | Shop A262a, Level 2, Yoho Mall II, 8 Long Yat Road, Yuen Long
Tsueng Kwan O | Shop No.G91, G/F, Park Central, 9 Tong Tak Street, Tseung Kwan O

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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