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香茅 ── 又名檸檬草,性溫,有疏風解表、祛瘀通絡的功效,適合風寒感冒咳嗽、胃痛、泄瀉、風濕痺痛時食用。

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Lemongrass against minor ailments
‘Minor ailments are considered blessings’, if we do not wish to consult a doctor, we can opt for natural remedy like lemongrass, which is commonly used in Southeast Asian cuisine. 

Besides its pleasant fragrance, lemongrass has many effects. It is warm in nature, can expel wind to relieve exterior syndrome, promote the meridian and clear blood stasis. Drinking lemongrass that has been boiled in hot water can relieve cold-related flu at the early stage, which carries symptoms such as aversion to cold, headache, sore neck muscles, itchy throat, white phlegm, nose block and clear mucus. Lemongrass can also relieve pain that is caused by rheumatism and gastritis.
Which part of the lemongrass should we use then? We can use the entire stem, but the outer leaves tend to be thicker. Once they are peeled off, we can use the outer coat to make tea, and save the softer inner part for cooking. The last 2/3 of the stem is normally used in cooking, and they will be sliced diagonally or diced into small bits. Smack the lemongrass with a knife’s back to release the fragrance. 

Lemongrass – warm in nature; expels wind to relieve exterior syndrome, promotes the meridian and clears blood stasis; can be consumed to relieve cold-related flu, cough, gastric pain, diarrhea and pain caused by rheumatism. 

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