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一、熬夜 / 睡眠不足





5 behaviours that hurt the liver
Do you take care of your liver? In the theory of Chinese medicine, the liver includes not only liver organs, but also the brain and nervous system as the main functions of the liver are to hold blood and vent, referring to the function of qi, blood and fluid flow regulation. Mood, diet, and sleep all affect the function of relief. Modern people tend to reverse day and night, have high stress, poor eating habits and harm the liver without knowing it. The following five behaviours that hurt the liver are very common. Have you been hurting your liver?

1. Staying up late / not sleeping enough
When you are sleeping, a lot of blood is concentrated in the liver, and the liver filters the blood. Therefore, adequate sleep can help the body detox smoothly, and the liver function can be slowly restored. Staying up late refers to not sleeping by 11pm to 1am, or when work shifts reverse day and night. The liver cannot work smoothly, and may cause the liver heat and hyperactivity in the liver yang leading to physical discomfort.

2. Mood swings
The theory of Chinese medicine believes that “anger hurts the liver”, because the liver does not tolerate depression. When the pressure is high, there is tension, anxiety or anger, which can cause liver depression and qi stagnation. When anger hurts the liver, it will cause blood to rise with qi and may cause vomiting of blood and dizziness.

3. Poor eating habit
Spicy, greasy, processed foods will increase the burden on the liver, and potentially lead to fire in the body which consumes fluid in the body.

4. Smoking and drinking
Smoking not only damages the lungs, the harmful substances in tobacco also require the liver to decompose the substance to dispel from the body. This is how smoking increases the burden on the liver. Alcohol needs to be metabolized by the liver. In addition to increasing the burden on the liver, it can also damage liver cells.

5. Eating tonic food that are not suitable for your body condition
Foods that do not fit the body condition and are too replenishing will lead to fire in the body and raise the liver heat. If you have a damp heat body condition, herbal hot pot, ginseng chicken, lamb brisket pot, etc would actually add heat into the body and increase the burden on the liver.

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