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芫茜 — 又名胡菜、香菜,性溫味辛,是一種芳香健胃的蔬菜,性溫熱味辛,具發汗透疹、消食下氣之功效,適合患風寒感冒人士適量食用,亦適合食慾不振、胃呆腹脹者食用。體質偏寒的話適量食用芫茜可改善手腳冰冷情況,而身體偏熱症狀如暗瘡、口瘡則不宜食用,會加重症狀。

Eating too much cilantro can lead to excessive heat!

Cilantro used to be used as garnish or just to enhance flavour of a dish. But lately it’s become more popular and you see cilantro in form of chips, hot pot base, shaved ice, cake, ramen, coffee, or even as a sauce.

Cilantro is a polarizing ingredient, you either love it or hate it. According to Chinese medicine theory, cilantro is warm in nature and can be boiled in water to be used as an external rinse which can relieve ecema, hives and chicken pox.

Cilantro- warm in nature and is a fragrant vegetable that can strengthen the stomach. It can promote sweating and relieve rashes, aid digestion. Suitable for those with cold-wind flus, as well as those with poor appetite and abdominal bloating. Those with cold natured bodies may see improvement to cold limbs when eating cilantro. Not suitable for those with heat related symptoms such as acne and canker sores.

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