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Can stress cause weight gain?
Ms Office Lady: When I’m really stressed at work, I tend to eat nonstop and get really fat! Is it an issue with my body or simply emotionally driven? Do I have to quit to stop the weight gain?
CheckCheckCin: From a Chinese medicine perspective, a heathy spleen and stomach helps to regulate your body weight. I think you are experiending ‘pressure-fat’ and you are losing self-control from work stress. You are eating more junk food and heavy flavored foods to balance your emotions and the fat accumulates in your body. Also when your liver qi is stagnated, qi and blood also doesn’t flow well and it adds to the load for our spleen. If your spleen goes on a strike, your body will retain water which causes bloating too. You need to learn to reduce stress to manage this. Try some floral tea to relieve stress and e sure to keep a health spleen and stomach to manage other stress-related issues. Drink a cup of rice water daily, have more rice congee type of food to replenish vital energy. Healthy spleen qi can help to prevent chubbiness!
One more small tip for you: a lot of working people have late dinners due to work schedules, and this is another cause for weigt gain too. Try to stock up on healthy snacks like saltines or dragon fruits and have some when you’re hungry. This way you won’t over eat at dinner!

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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