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桑椹 — 性寒,具滋補肝腎、養血滋陰、明目黑髮、潤腸通便的作用,適合肝腎不足、頭髮早白、體虛便秘人士食用。含有豐富花青素,有抗氧化功效。注意脾虛腹瀉者忌食。

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Mulberry nourishes the blood and replenishes the liver and kidneys
Mulberry is not a popular fruit as it can only be found in fruit stalls during spring. Many people know of mulberry in its dried form, or when it is sold as Chinese medicine.

Women view mulberry as the nature’s gift because it nourishes the blood and yin, replenishes the liver and kidneys, improves the vision and darkens the hair, moistens the intestines and has anti-oxidation properties.

Some people will eat dried mulberry fruits every day, thinking it can help improve their complexion, bowel movement, nourish the blood and enhance their skin condition, but they may end up having diarrhea. This is because mulberry is cool in nature. Individuals with a asthenic and cold spleen and stomach may vomit and experience stomachache, if they consume the fruit excessively. Pregnant mothers and women on period should also avoid eating.

Since mulberry contains elements that might trigger hemolytic hypersensitivity, children should not consume excessively, as it might affect their stomach and intestine functions. Individuals with a cold body condition can opt for fruits that are mild in nature, such as red and purple grape; or cherry, which is warm in nature, to nourish and replenish the blood.

Mulberry – cool in nature, can replenish the liver and kidneys, nourish the yin and the blood, improve one’s vision and darken the hair, as well as moisten the intestines and aid digestion. It is suitable for individuals who have deficiencies in the liver and kidneys, as well as those with grey hair and experience constipation. It is rich in anthocyanin, which also means it has high anti-oxidant values. Individuals with a asthenic spleen and stomach should avoid eating.

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