March 5, 2018




1. 轉天氣時出現皮膚痕癢症狀?泡一杯土茯苓茶喝吧!
2. 感到肌肉酸軟?這可能是因為身體聚濕了!
3. 路見不平?先深呼吸,穩定情緒再出手相助,拔刀就不必了!
4. 有時候就跑跑步,流流汗有助袪濕。

✓ 米水、紅蘿蔔、椰菜花、四季豆、豌豆、薯仔、淮山。
X 油膩、刺激性、重口味食材

Awakening of Insects
The Awakening of Insects solar term refers to the spring rain with occasional thunderstorm that awakens all the insects that have been in hibernation. It also signifies renewal in the nature. The weather is still unstable going between being warm and cold, and the change from day to night is large, making it easy to catch a cold. It is important to bring a jacket or scarf out to prevent catching cold. Your skin is also prone to issues such as acne, eczema, and hives during seasonal changes, and stimulating foods, cigarettes and alcohol will all exacerbate the conditions so be sure to watch your diet. Spleen and stomach are key to being healthy so have a cup of rice water daily. As its very humid, your qi and blood may not flow well, and past pain symptoms and old wounds will be especially sensitive and may cause muscle pains. It is important to exercise and train more, promote qi and blood flow, and open up channels. Have more mild natured ingredients, have lighter meals and avoid oily foods.
Gentle reminders:
1. Having itchy skin due to the seasonal change? Make a cup of poria tea!
2. Have muscle soreness? This is due to dampness in the body!
3. See something unfair? Take a deep breath and calm yourself before helping!
4. Take a run if you have time, sweating helps to dispel dampness.
✓ rice water, carrots, cauliflower, string beans, snow pea, potatoes, Chinese yam
X oily, stimulating, heavy flavored foods

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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