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午餐【滋陰養血 】:瑤柱陳皮蒸肉餅/蒜炒紅莧菜/白飯/節瓜梭羅魚海玉竹湯

Confinement Meals
How can ladies effectively eat to have enough nutrients and nourish qi and blood after delivery? You should have more meals during confinement month, about 5-6 meals daily. It is important to keep the diet light yet nutritious with suitable portions, mild in nature to allow for easy absorption without adding burden to spleen and stomach. Nourish the body and ensure breast milk will have enough nutrients as well. How much should a lady eat after delivery? Take a look a below menu! 

Eat more: rice, vegetables, fruits, fish, pork, poultry, eggs, beans
Eat less: high sugar food, animal organs, oily and fatty foods

Breakfast [to strengthen spleen and stomach]: Tomato soup macaroni with ham and fried egg/dawn rice water
Lunch [to nourish yin and blood]: steamed minced meat with dried scallop and dried peel citrus/fried red amaranth with garlic /rice/hairy gourd soup with glassy perchlet fish and polygonatum root
Afternoon tea [to replenish energy]: grapes, papaya / fried rice water with fig and dried peel citrus
Dinner [to strengthen spleen and nourish blood]: Steamed monkeyhead mushroom with bamboo fungus, black fungus and Chinese red date/Fried shrimp skin with luffa and ginger/rice/ black and white crucian carp soup with peanut and chicken paw
Midnight snack [to strengthen spleen]: steamed rice roll

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