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CheckCheckCin:失胎的傷痛沒有言詞能表達,生命裡某些事就是要讓時間治療。無論是自然還是人工流產,都對小產婦的身體有一定的傷害,所以不管是心靈還是身體還需要好好調理 。流產後的調補名為「小月子」,坐小月的飲食調補和生活起居注意事項基本上與坐月相約,流產後不宜馬上大補,如立即服用鹿茸、人參、雞酒等溫性食材,應先以平補方式調理脾胃、活血祛瘀,排清惡露。隨後配合體質,滋陰養血、強腰補腎。小產婦要盡量疏導情緒,收拾心情,不能只將情感埋藏,要向身邊親人訴說分憂。很多原因能導致流產,千萬不要執著於「為什麼」或怪罪於自己。悲傷未必能消逝,學會與它共存,將對小天使的愛放在心內。

功效:解鬱寧神 、理氣活血,有助排清惡露,紓緩憂鬱引起的失眠等症狀。

Miscarriage recovery
“Twenty weeks after pregnancy, my baby suddenly had no heartbeat so I had induced labour. After the loss, I am still suffering from symptoms such as uterine contraction and lochia. What am I doing wrong?”

CheckCheckCin: The pain of losing a child cannot be expressed with words. Time will heal the pain. Whether it is natural or artificial abortion, it has a certain level of damage to the body of women, and the mind and body needs to be properly regulated. The period after the loss is called a small confinement month. The diet adjustments and daily living notes of it are basically the same as a full confinement month. It is not appropriate to have overly nourishing food such as pilose antler, ginseng, chicken wine that are warm in nature immediately after the loss. Women should mildly replenish their bodies by nourishing the spleen and stomach, activating blood and relieve stasis and clearing lochia. Then nourish yin and blood, strengthen lower back and kidney according your body condition. Women should try to relieve their emotions. They should not bury their emotions, but also tell their loved ones about their feelings. There are many reasons for such loss, and try not to be obsessed with “why” or blame yourself. Sorrow may not subside easily, learn to coexist with it, and put the love of the little angel in the heart.

Albizia flower tea with hawthorn and longan
Ingredients: 9g albizia flower, 6 pieces of hawthorn, 10 longan, appropriate amount of dried citrus peel
Preparation: Rinse all ingredients thoroughly and place into thermos, add in hot water again and steep for 10 minutes.
Effects: Reduces stress and calms the mind, regulates qi and activates blood, helps to clear the lochia, relieves symptoms such as insomnia caused by depression.

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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