September 12, 2018





Have Tonic Food During Pregnancy Based on Body Type

The elderlies keep telling me to eat more when pregnant, and they make me tonic foods like chicken essence and ginseng claiming they are good for the baby. But I get a dry mouth and sore throat after, what can I do?

CheckCheckCin: Expecting moms just need to simply have a healthy lifestyle, eat regularly, and have light nutritious meals to ensure there is enough nutrient for the baby. Over eating just becomes fat for expecting moms! When it comes to tonic foods, it should be consumed based on body constitution. If the expecting mom has qi deficiency or phlegm and dampness body type, having too much tonic food can lead to indigestion, and she really just needs to strengthen the spleen and stomach. If the expecting mom is weak, then some congee with Chinese yam and codonopsis root would be suitable. Healthy and strong expecting moms don’t need to have tonic food, and if their body type is leans towards being hot, then tonic food can lead to irritability, or even constipation, canker sores, and pass on the ‘heat’ to the baby. You should consult a Chinese medicine practitioner before consuming tonic foods and use medicinal herb according to professional recommendation for best results.

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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