April 22, 2018

【惱人的鼻鼾】 自己俾自己的鼻鼾嘈醒><





Snoring up a storm?
For couples, it can be quite scary when the person sleeping next to you suddenly snores like a thunderstorm! Snoring often occurs after drinking or getting a flu. People often think of a fat person when thinking about snoring but it could actually happen to anyone. Chinese medicine believes snoring is related to body constitution. It happens when the airways are not fully smooth during sleep making loud intermittent sounds of breathing and from the throat. Overweight people tend to snore because they tend to have a phlegm and dampness body constitution. The dampness in the body coupled with asthenic spleen can lead to fatigue and snoring. Those with weak lung qi are also prone to snoring due to weak respiratory system. If you only snore occasionally, then the issue may not be serious but your loved one next to you would have to rough it out. If you have trouble breathing during sleep, it could be sleep apnea which would require medical attention.
Snoring due to phlegm and dampness: consume carrots, chinese yam, citrus peel to dispel phlegm.

Snoring due to qi deficiency: consume codonopsis root, hairy fig root, white rice to replenish qi

Those who snore should avoid cold/raw, oily foods and sweets!

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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