July 5, 2021




☐ 多吃 — 容易感到肚餓,用餐後不到兩小時又餓了。
☐ 多喝 — 經常感到口乾舌燥,不斷想喝水
☐ 多尿 — 小便變得頻密,上廁所的次數增加,特別是夜間尿頻
☐ 體重減少 — 沒有刻意減肥但體重減少
☐ 乏力 — 經常覺得疲倦及昏昏欲睡
☐ 易受感染 — 例如尿道炎反覆發作
☐ 容易煩躁 — 覺得身體燥熱又多汗
☐ 皮膚搔癢 — 手腳容易麻癢刺痛
☐ 視力模糊 — 容易出現頭暈眼花
☐ 傷口​不易癒合


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Watch out for diabetes symptoms
One out of ten Hong Kong citizens is diabetic. During the early stages, a person suffering from diabetes might not exhibit any symptoms. It is only when complications begin to occur that the disease is diagnosed! 

Early detection, coupled with treatment and dietary adjustment, can reduce the effect diabetes on our lives. If you notice the symptoms below, make sure to go for regular checkups as a preventive measure.

☐ Craving for food— feel hungry easily; start looking for snacks to munch on just two hours after a meal
☐ Feels thirsty easily – mouth feels dry all the time and need to drink water to quench thirst
☐ Frequent urination – going to the toilet all the time; nocturia (frequent urination at night)
☐ Weight loss – when it is not planned
☐ Fatigue – often feel tired and sleepy
☐ Prone to infection – for instance, recurrent urethritis
☐ Irritable – feels warm and sweat all the time
☐ Itchy skin – itchy and tingling sensation on limbs
☐ Blurred vision – become dizzy easily
☐ Wounds take a long time to heal

Diabetes, if not controlled, can cause both acute and chronic complications such as heart diseases, stroke, kidney failure, retinopathy, and cataract, which may cause blindness. To find out more, consult a registered Chinese medicine practitioner. 

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