June 7, 2021




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Different types of nasal allergies

When we sneeze and have a runny nose, we may wonder if we are having a flu or a nasal allergy. It is easy to mix up the two because of the similar symptoms: having an itchy nose and it is often sudden and continuous. Other accompanying symptoms include itchy eyes, stuffy nose, and headache.

To tell the difference, we can pay attention to the time when we sneeze. If it were a nasal allergy, we would sneeze more frequently when there is a seasonal change, a change in temperature, during early morning, or because of dust mites and pollen. On the contrary, a flu can occur at any time, and individuals will cough and vomit, develop an aversion to cold and sore throat, and experience diarrhea. The condition would last between 5 and 7 days.

Nasal allergies happen when an allergen triggers an inflammation of the nasal mucosa, and it would not spread to others. A change of the environment or reduction of the allergen can relieve the allergic reaction. It is also good to put on a mask during spring as it can filter out the pollen in the air. A flu, on the other hand, is infectious. The patient should stay home and rest, and put on a mask to avoid spreading it to others.

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