July 10, 2020




1. 冰水

2. 酸梅湯

3. 甜味飲品

4. 牛奶

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Drinks to relieve burning sensation from spiciness
Eating spicy food can be challenging, as we might continue to consume them, not knowing the spiciness can gradually intensify. Moreover, different foot outlets will offer dishes at different levels of spiciness, to the extent that experiencing the burning sensation on our tongue becomes unavoidable. Under such circumstances, which beverage will you choose to reduce the effect?

1. Ice water
Ice water seems to be the first option that comes to our mind after eating spicy food. Downing a glass of ice water seems to work fine at first, but lo and behold, the effect is rather temporary! This is because the capsaicin that causes the spiciness is hydrophobic, and will not be ‘washed away’ easily.

2. Sour plum soup
Have you noticed drinks like sour plum soup and smoked plum juice are often served in mala hotpot restaurants? The sour taste helps with the secretion of saliva and quenches one’s thirst; hence it is a remedy to beat the heat of the mala hotpot. The sour taste can also neutralise the pH level of the spicy food.

3. Sweet desserts
Eating sweet desserts can be helpful in combating spiciness in our mouth, as the sweet taste neutralises the spicy effect. Hence, drinking an appropriate amount of carbonated soda drinks or fruit juice can be a good choice.

4. Milk
The casein in milk is capable of dwarfing the strength of capsaicin, as this particular protein can attach itself onto capsaicin and subsequently dissolve it. If you feel like you are about to spew flame after consuming spicy food, drinking a glass of milk will help sooth your swollen mouth.

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