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Skin care tips before and after exercising
Your regular habits can help prevent pimples from appearing and exercise is one of the ways. Exercising helps your skin detox, but have you paid attention to your skin care routine before and after working out? You sweat quite a bit when exercising so oils, bacteria or dirt can clog your pores. If you don’t have a proper cleanse, it could worsen your acne. So be sure to note these details!
Before exercising:
– remove make up
A lot of people like to take a selfie before exercising and naturally you’d keep your make up on for the photo. But cosmetics mixed with sweat creates dirt that can clog the pores and is not good for your skin. It’s better to exercise without any make up on.
– wash your face
Even if you don’t have make up, it is good to wash your face before exercising as regular environmental diry can also lead to acne.
– bring a towel
This is to wipe off your sweat during exercising. If you just use your hand, you can rub dirt into your pores.

– bring water
Replenish your fluids to promote sweating which can help your body detox.
After exercising:
– wash your face
Use mild cleansing products to wash your face and be sure not to use water that’s too cool or too hot, something similar to the temperature of your face would be good to avoid over stimulating your pores which can affect the cleansing. Be sure to properly clean the spots that may be missed such as between your brows, around your lips and your chin.

– avoid exfoliation
If you are suffering from acne, avoid exfoliating products which can worsen redness and infection of your pimples.

– replenish facial fluids
After washing your face, your pores and clean and slightly expanded which is the best time for water absorption. Use a moisturizing mask on to replenish.

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