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傳統上新年前家裡要大掃除, 晚上洗澡要以碌柚葉洗身體以洗掉霉氣。那麼身體也來一個大掃除吧。推介你一個清肺潤腸茶療,身體內外也乾乾淨淨。羅漢果能清肺化痰,潤腸通便。適合熬夜、煙酒過多、飲食過度而導致的就喉嚨痛,扁桃腺發炎、失聲及便秘等症狀。有助體內做一個大掃除,但要注意風寒感冒、咳嗽及脾胃虛寒不宜多服。小貼士:金羅漢果以低溫脫水的方法,味道比傳統曬乾的羅漢果更清香,鮮甜。藥材舖及大型超市有售。


Full body cleanse

Traditionally you need to do some home cleaning before the new year and also use pomelo leaves to take a shower to get rid of any bad luck. You can also give your body an internal cleanse. Here’s a tea that clears the lungs and moistens the bowels. Monk fruit clears the lungs to reduce phlegm, moistens the bowels to relieve constipation. Suitable for those with frequent late night, those who smoke and drink, and those with sore throat due to over eating, tonsillitis infection, loss of voice and constipation. Note that this is not suitable for those with cold-wind flus, coughing or asthenic weak spleen and stomach. Small tips: Golden monk fruit is blanched in low temperature and is tastier than traditionally dried monk fruit. They are available in herb shops or large super markets.

Monk fruit tea with pear and ginger
Ingredients: half a golden monk fruit, 1 pear, 2 slices of ginger
Ingredients: mash monk fruit, peel pear and dice up, peel ginger and cut into slices. Combine all ingredients into a pot with 1000ml of water and cook for 30 minutes.

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