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Get your pretty moist lips back
One of the most frustrating things about the fall is dried lips. As we step into fall, there is an added layer of dryness from the weather and find ourselves re-applying lip balm constantly to no avail. From Chinese medicine perspective, a hot spleen and stomach or yin deficiency can cause cracked lips. Fall dryness further hurts yin so people are especially prone to dry lips. People who like spicy and fried foods will further exacerbate the condition with their food intake. This is an important time to monitor and condition your body to get back those pretty moist lips back!
– Use a humidifier when its dry
– Eat foods that can clear heat and cool blood according to your body constitution, such as lotus seeds, lotus root, and old cucumber
– Keep a light diet when possible and consume more dryness relieving foods such as radix ophiopogonis, figs, snow fungus and honey
– Sleep early and sleep in, avoid late nights and ensure you have enough sleep
– Avoid spicy and fried foods and limit smoking and alcohol consumption
– DIY lips exfoliation: mix in a bit of brown sugar and honey and gently exfoliate during shower
Dry Lips Tea Remedy
Ingredients: 3g American ginseng, 10g radix ophiopogonis, 2 candied white gourd
Preparation: Place all ingredients into a thermos and add in boiling water. Steep for 5-10 minutes until aroma develops. Re-brew until its flavor weakens. For best results, drink 2-3 times per week for two weeks as a treatment course.
Effects: Nourishes yin, clears heat, and promotes fluid production. Relieves dryness symptoms associated with frequent late nights such as

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