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紙包米水建議零售價:$15/包| $180/箱(12包)

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Asthenic weak spleen and stomach related indigestion
You may have eaten too much recently and feel really full, and have other symptoms such as abdominal bloating, excessive and foul smelling stomach qi, acid reflux, decreased appetite and even vomiting, constipation and other symptoms. These are signs of stagnation. Why do some people seem normal when they eat a lot of buffets, but some people feel so full? This is a reflection of the health of the spleen and stomach! From the point of view of Chinese medicine, people with asthenic weak spleen and stomach have weak digestive functions, and are prone to abdominal bloating. If they eat more, it will lead to indigestion due to poor spleen and stomach function, causing indigestion. 
Drinking a cup of Pu’er tea or green tea can help relieve indigestion. Remember to have more meals throughout the day but eat less each time, and eat light and nutritious foods to allow the spleen and stomach function to return to normal. Drinking a cup of rice water every day can nourish the spleen and stomach. If the indigestion situation does not improved, it is advisable to consult a registered Chinese medicine practitioner for conditioning.

?Recommendation for those with healthy spleen and stomach: Chinese hawthorn tea
Ingredients: Water, Chinese Hawthorn, rock sugar, oolong tea
Effects: Aids weight loss and improves fat burn, regulates qi to enhance blood flow. Suitable for indigestion, dull complexion, skin discoloration and chubbiness.
Note: This tea is sour in taste. Those with stomach acid reflux and are prone to stomach pain and discomfort should not drink on an empty stomach. Suitable for drinking before menstruation; not suitable for pregnant women and women during menstruation.

Note: Chinese hawthorn is sour and not suitable to have on an empty stomach. Not suitable for pregnant, menstruating women or those with stomach discomfort.
List price: $15/pack| $180/case (12 packs)
Available in: CheckCheckCin shops | Green Common|HKTVmall|Ztore

?Recommendation for those with asthenic weak spleen and stomach: Dawn Rice Water
Effects: reduces water retention, relieves abdominal bloating, improves yellowish complexion
Paper pack rice water list price: $15/pack| $180/case (12 packs)
Rice water powder list price: $138/box(15 packs) 

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