November 7, 2018



想紓緩秋燥影響,雪耳實在是人氣之選。雪耳可滋陰潤肺,價錢相宜,所以有「平民燕窩」 之稱。雪耳常用於煲湯和煮糖水,煮好後帶點滑潺潺的起膠質感,是因為它含有豐富的多醣體, 具有滋陰作用,又能令皮膚富彈性。雪耳入肺及胃經,具有益氣養胃的作用。雪耳雖然又叫做白木耳,但天然雪耳顏色應該淡黃色的,如果買到過於雪白的,有可能經漂白過。近年比較容易買到新鮮雪耳,似是繡球般的模樣,烹煮前不用浸泡,只需清洗就能使用,「起膠」時間比乾雪耳快。

雪耳 — 又名銀耳、白木耳,性平,具滋陰潤肺、益氣養胃、強心補腦功效,適合肺熱津傷或肺氣虛弱、燥咳無痰、痰中帶血、氣喘氣短、咽喉乾燥、聲音嘶啞、病後體虛人士食用。

Snow fungus can relieve dryness and nourish qi
Snow fungus is a popular choice to combat fall dryness. Snow fungus helps to nourish you and moisten the lungs, and it is quite affordable. Snow fungus is often used in soups and desserts. When cooked, it has a smooth plastic-like texture as it has glycosome. Snow fungus nourishes you and can restore elasticity in skin. When entering the lung or stomach meridian, it also nourishes qi and stomach. Snow fungus is also known as white fungus, but snow fungus is actually naturally yellowish in color, those that are very white may have been bleached. Recently you can also easily buy fresh snow fungus that looks like a hydrangea. You don’t have to soak it before cooking and it achieves the plastic-like texture sooner.

Snow fungus- mild in nature, can nourish yin and moisten the lungs, nourish qi and stomach, strengthen the heart and mind. It is suitable for those with hot lungs or asthenic lung qi, dry cough without phlegm, phlegm with blood stain, shortness of breath, dry and sore throat, coarse voice, and weakness post illness.

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