November 7, 2018

#24節氣 – 立冬】是日立冬



Beginning of Winter Solar Term

Today signifies beginning of winter. As trees and grass start to wither, living things begin to come to still and some animals enter hibernation to prepare for spring. Humans don’t hibernate, but our metabolism slow down, it is suitable to nourish the kidney, preserve vital energy, replenish body heat, and form a strong foundation for winter.

Your diet on winter should gently replenish, have more beans and nuts such as chestnuts, pine nuts, black soya beans. You can have more mild fish that is easy to digest. The winter in Hong Kong is not very brutal, so nourish your spleen and stomach before you replenish, have more coix seeds, Chinese yam, and sweet potato. Have warm congee and avoid cold/raw foods and avoid getting wind blown directly.

Gentle reminders:
– get more sunlight to replenish yang qi, remember to apply sunscreen
– aside from your face, moisturize the body as well
– wok fried chestnuts are a great snack for fall and winter
– try not to have too much hot pot and keep to clear broth base
– add in purple sweet potatoes and oats in your rice water to keep warm and relieve constipation

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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