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蓮藕 — 性寒,有清熱涼血、止血散瘀、養胃滋陰的功效。由於性寒,寒性痛經者不宜食用。

黑木耳 — 性平,有滋養益胃、涼血、活血的功效,適合血瘀體質人士,但氣虛、血虛、陽虛、脾胃虛弱則不宜多吃。

韭菜 — 性熱,具健胃暖中、溫腎助陽、散瘀活血功效,適合偏寒體質、陽虛怕冷、腰膝酸軟、陽虛尿頻及女士因陽氣不足以致行經小腹冷痛食用。由於性熱,陰虛火旺、濕熱者不宜食用。


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Vegetables that may improve acne scars
Acne finally receded after a round of inflammation, but are you still troubled by the unappealing scars it left on your skin? From the perspective of Chinese Medicine, individuals whose blood and qi circulation is disrupted, or those with the blood stasis condition, are prone to develop acne scars because of the stasis formed on the skin.

Consume an appropriate amount of ingredients that can invigorate the blood, like lotus root, Chinese hawthorn, black fungus and chives. Remember to eat less raw, cold and spicy food, as these food items can affect the circulation of the qi and blood. Avoid squeezing acnes to prevent scars from forming. Regulate the body to improve the circulation, and you should be able bid acne scars goodbye.

Lotus root – cold in nature; can clear heat and cool the blood, has hemostatic properties and can nourish the stomach and the yin. It is not suitable for individuals who experience cold-related period, since it is cold in nature.

Black fungus – mild in nature; can nourish and strengthen the stomach, cool and invigorate the blood; suitable for individuals with the blood stasis condition. Those who are weak in the qi, blood and yang, and people with a weak spleen and stomach should not consume excessively.

Chives – hot in nature; can strengthen the stomach and warm the body; can also warm the kidney and strengthen the yang, as well as clear blood stasis. It is suitable for individuals with a cold body condition, and those who are deficient of the yang and afraid of cold; suitable for those with waist and knee weakness, those with yang deficiency and excessive urination problem, and women who often experience cold in the abdomen due to the lack of the yang energy. Since chives is hot in nature, individuals with yin deficiency and those with the damp-heat body condition should avoid eating.

✔Beauty tea recommendation: Dark Circles
Ingredients: Fried Black Bean, Raisin, Peppermint
Effects: Promotes blood circulation to eliminate blood stasis. Suitable for dark circles, dull complexion and lip colour and pimple marks.

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