December 21, 2019



「冬至」 是每年白天最短的一天,在節氣或傳統而言,皆為非常重要的日子。過了冬至,白天時間逐漸增長,因此這天為一年之末,同時象徵新一年的開始。「冬至大過年」,傳統上一家人會聚集在一起做冬,北方多吃餃子,而南方則少不了一道湯丸,意為團圓。養生而言仍以冬季滋陰補陽為主,因此在做節的時候,不妨多添一道驅寒補暖的菜式,如黃酒雞等,又或以薑湯煮湯丸,加入紅棗及蓮子,滋潤又暖心,但同時要謹記,本身為偏熱或濕熱體質人士,如咽喉痛、口瘡、暗瘡等症狀的則不應胡亂溫補。


Winter Solstice
This solar term marks the shortest day of the year. It is a very important day in terms of solar terms and tradition. After the winter solstice, the daylight time gradually increases. Today marks the end of the year and at the same time symbolises the beginning of the new year. Some consider the winter solstice to be more important than new year. Traditionally, a family comes together to have winter solstice gathering. In the northern area, people mostly eat dumplings; while in the southern area, a bowl of sweet dumplings is necessary to represent reunion. In terms of health, it is still mainly to nourish the yin and yang in winter. During the gathering, you can add a dish to dispel cold and warm the body, such as rice wine chicken, or sweet dumplings with ginger soup, red dates and lotus seeds, which are moisturising and warming. But pay attention that those with heat-related or damp-heat body type, or those with heat related symptoms such as sore throat, canker sore, pimples should not have replenishing ingredients.

Gentle reminder:
.Have our Warming herbal tea after winter solstice meal to stay warm.
.Be sure to moisturise the skin in this cold and dry weather. 
.Pumpkin and cherry are replenishing ingredients.


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© 2023 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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