December 22, 2019



有玩過畫鬼腳嗎?原來英文也叫做Ghost Leg,人多要抽簽決定事情時常常用到,每人選定一個開始點,沿著線向下走,遇到橫線則沿著橫線走到隔壁的縱線,大家應該小時候都學會了吧?!下圖為不同類型腹瀉適合飲用的飲品配對,動動你的手指連連看,令到不同類型的腹瀉病人都飲到適合飲品紓緩症狀吧!


Relax for a minute- Ghost leg

Have you ever played the game ghost leg? It is often used when deciding something with many people. Each person chooses a starting point and begins down the line. When encountering a horizontal line, follow along the horizontal line to the next vertical line down. You probably played when you were young. This picture includes the drinks that are suitable for different types of diarrhea. Move your fingers down to see which drinks suits the different types of diarrhea patients.

(Answer will be posted in the comment column.)

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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