May 4, 2020


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Treatment for ‘housewives hands’
Have you ever looked at your mother’s hands? Are they white and soft or rough and dry? If you find them dry, cracked, peeling, swollen or see her scratching often, she may be suffering from ‘housewives hands’. This is a formof contact dermatitis. People whose hands are constantly exposed to water and detergents may have ‘housewives hands’. From Chinese medicine perspective, the exposure to water leads to damp pathogen attacks on the hands and causes eczema and allergy-like symptoms such as itch, redness and ageing. Mothers who often do household chores are prone to ‘housewives hands’. In addition to the recent impact of the pandemic, the time of cooking at home has increased, so did the cleaning and disinfection as well. It is time to take care of her hands.
To prevent and relieve the symptoms of ‘housewives hands’, let the hands rest more, reduce the frequency of contacting water, avoid contacting with chemical cleaners, and avoid the use of alcohol hand sanitizers that may irritate the skin. Use non-irritating, neutral moisturizing hand wash that has oils. Apply moisturizing and non-irritating hand cream immediately after washing hands. If the ‘housewives hands’ happen, appropriately consume ingredients that can nourish yin and relieve dryness, or ingredients that can clear heat and dispel dampness. If there is redness, itchiness, seepage on hands, try to make this tea remedy to clear heat and relieve itchy skin.

Tea remedy to clear heat and relieve itchy skin
Effects: Clears heat, dispels dampness and relieves itchy skin. Relieves redness, seepage and itchiness problem due to housewives hands.
Ingredients: 10g Chinese dittany bark, 6g fangfeng, 12g smilax
Method: Rinse all ingredients thoroughly, combine with 800ml of water in a pot and cook for 30 minutes.

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