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第三位 容易折斷

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The leader board of nail issues
The function of nails is to protect the fingertips and toes. As the Chinese saying ‘pain in ten fingers will lead to the heart’ goes, fingernails do affect our lives. Come to think of it, nails are not without problems of their own. Have you experienced any of these below?

No. 3 Brittle fingernails
Our nails are soft, thin and can break easily. Broken nails can even easily hook onto our shirts and damage them! Sometimes when we accidentally kick the edge of a table, our nails would split and cause a great of deal pain, to the extent that we become incapable of walking properly.

No. 2 Detailed nails
The white part of the fingernails slowly extends towards the base of your finger; fingernails are no longer closely attached to the nail beds. Though this condition does not cause pain or itch, we can definitely feel the discomfort.

No. 1 Hangnails
Hangnails are extremely irritating! If we cannot resist ourselves and start peeling off the skin, the wound might swell and bleed, and even cause paronychia. Hangnails often occur during autumn and winter, due to the dry weather.

How do we keep our fingernails healthy? Chinese Medicine opined that liver governs the tendons, therefore fingernails have a close relationship with the liver. The liver functions to nourish blood and nail health is closely related to that. If the blood is properly nourished, our fingernails will remain strong and have naturally shiny flesh-tone nail plates. Fingernails that do not received well-nourished blood will become soft, brittle, dull, and can crack easily.

Consume an appropriate amount of food that can nourish the liver and replenish the blood, for instance, green vegetables such as spinach, red bean, black bean, red date and black sesame; apply moisturizer on hands after washing, and massage the fingertips.

Rice water to nourish nails
Effects: Promotes blood circulation and nourishes yin. Strengthens weak nails that breaks easily and suitable for absent-mindedness.
Ingredients: 4 jujube dates, 12g lily bulb, 9g radix ophiopogonis, 1 sachet of Dawn Rice Water
Preparation: Rinse the herbal ingredients. Combine all ingredients with 900ml of water in a pot and cook on high heat until boiling. Turn to low heat and simmer for 20 minutes. Pour into thermos, and re-brew for 3-4 times.

Rice Water recommendation:
Dawn Rice Water
Effects: Remedy to frequent late nights, improves hair quality and nourishes kidneys and relieves sore lower back

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