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1. 按著時辰睡覺 — 晚上11時至凌晨1時為膽經當值時間,凌晨1時至3時為肝經當值,此時睡覺就能讓負責代謝身體廢物的肝腎得到充份休息,加強排毒能力,水腫問題自然減少。

2. 不過分進補 — 過份滋陰也會出現水腫,不宜過份食用滋膩食物如花膠、紅棗及奶類製品等。肥甘厚味食物容易令身體出現水腫,尤其是醬汁、精製食物、火鍋、燒烤、煎炸食物等等,鈉含量比較高,吃後翌日特別容易出現水腫問題。

3. 健脾袪濕 — 脾胃健康身體不會聚濕,適量進食健脾袪濕的食物如淮山、眉豆、茯苓等,有助排走濕氣,每日喝一杯米水,減低脾胃負擔。

4. 適量運動及補充水份 — 每星期做適量帶氧運動,讓身體微微發汗,運動後記得補充水份,有人怕多喝水會引致水腫,事實是身體水份不足才會引致水腫。

4 important points to fight away edema
Edema is the nightmare to every girl when she sees her size jump up and waking up to a rounder face. What causes edema? From Chinese medicine perspective, edema happens when the organ functions are affected leading to fluid accumulation in the body. Fluid in the body is moved by qi so those with qi deficiency, yang deficiency and phlegm and dampness body types are more prone to edema. Poor eating and lifestyle habits are the culprit for edema. These bad habits include eating too much fried, oily and heavy flavored food like hot pot, barbecue, thick sauce, cold/raw, spicy food, or stay up all night and having inadequate sleep. If you wake up with a swollen face and eyelids, edema is likely the cause.

Identifying edema
.Press on the skin of your legs and arms and your skin does not bounce back
.Swollen eyelids and your double eyelids are not visible
.Your normally V-shaped face looks like an inflated balloon
.After getting up, the sleep marks on the face and body do not retreat for a long time
.Your ring suddenly feels tight
.Your shoes feel half a size too small
.You gain a few pounds in a day

4 ways to relieve edema
1. Sleep on time- From 11pm to 1am, gallbladder meridian is on duty. From 1am to 3am, liver meridian is on duty. It is important to rest at these times as the liver and kidney are responsible for metabolizing the body waste to strengthen the ability to detoxify, The problem of edema naturally decreases because of strengthened detoxification.

2. Do not eat too much tonic food- Overly nourishing your body can also lead to edema so do not over consume ingredients such as fish maw, chinese red dates and dairy products. Fatty sweet foods can lead to edmea and these include various sauces, processed food, hot pot, barbrque and fried foods. The higher sodium content can lead the water retention issues the day after.

3. Strengthen the spleen and stomach to dispel dampness- Appropriately consume food that strengthens the spleen and stomach and dispels dampness such as Chinese yam, purple haricot and poria. Drink a cup of rice water daily to reduce the burden on the spleen and stomach.

4. Exercise moderately and drink more water- Do moderate cardio exercises every week to make your body sweat slightly. Remember to drink plenty of water after exercising. Some people may worry that drinking more water will cause edema. The fact is insufficient water in the body will cause edema.

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