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吃鹹又吃甜就會生飛滋,或者只是哄小朋友先乖乖吃正餐才吃甜點的說法吧!生飛滋並非無緣無故,根據中醫理論,生飛滋即「口糜」,多因為脾胃積熱或脾胃氣虛所致,脾胃積熱伴隨症狀為口瘡紅腫、小便黃、舌紅苔黃等;如果伴隨症狀是氣短乏力、頭暈、大便溏瀉、舌邊有齒痕則為脾胃氣虛的表現。另外,工作壓力大、多熬夜,耗傷心陰,陰虛則火旺,陰虛體質的人也會出現口瘡症狀 。



Have painful canker sores?
Canker sores can be small, but the pain can affect eating and even make speaking difficult! Canker sores can from biting yourself but may happen out of nowhere too.
According to Chinese medicine theory, canker sores appear when you have heat in the spleen and stomach, or your spleen and stomach qi is deficient. Heat in spleen and stomach is usually accompanied by red swollen canker sores, yellowish urine, red tongue and yellow tongue coating. If the accompanying symptoms are shortness of breath, dizziness, loose stool, teeth marks on tongue, then it’s a sign of qi deficiency in stomach and spleen. Those with high stress, frequent late nights may have yin deficiency and excess heat, and will also experience canker sores.
To reduce canker sores, try to have light diet, have ingredients that nourish yin and promote fluid production as well as clear heat. Reduce intake of spicy and heavy flavoured food and avoid staying up late.
Healing Tea for canker sores
Effects: promote fluid production and nourish stomach, nourish yin and clear heat. Suitable for late night related canker sores, sore throat, and red eyes.
Ingredients: 1 tablespoon dendrobium powder, 1 tablespoon American ginseng powder
Preparation: Place ingredients into thermos and add in hot water. For best results, have tea 2-3 times in a week as one treatment course.

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