March 18, 2018



最近熱門討論的話題非「濕」莫屬,哪款抽濕機最好?哪款祛濕湯水最有效?從中醫角度,濕可分為「外濕」及「內濕」。 外濕是能影響身體濕邪偏多與否的外在因素,香港春夏天氣潮濕、長開冷氣、冒雨散步、坐濕草地等,都會構成外濕。 內濕則多是因為後天飲食不節及暴飲暴食,引致多餘濕邪滯留體內的狀態。如嗜飲食生冷,早上空肚飲果汁,不吃早餐午餐吃沙律 。另常吃肥膩、甜膩、重口味食物,都能傷及脾胃。外濕及內濕會額外加重脾胃負擔,每天飲用米水就是養好脾胃的最好方法。


蘋果豆蔻陳皮茶(一人分量) 材料:蘋果1個、豆蔻3克、陳皮1角、藿香6克
功效:化濕行氣,理氣健脾開胃。舒緩身體睏倦等症狀。 注意:此茶療可一天喝一次。建議一星期連續飲用3天。惟陰虛人士不適合飲用。

There is external and internal dampness

Dampness is a common topic these days.
Which dehumidifier is the best? Which soup is good to dispel dampness? From Chinese medicine perspective, there is internal and external dampness. External are those damp pathogens that can affect the body from the outside. Hong Kong has high humidity during spring and summer. The air conditioning is always on; people walk in the rain and sit on damp grass; which can all lead to external dampness. Internal dampness comes from poor dietary habits, leading to additional dampness stagnated in the body. Eating cold/raw foods; drinking juice on an empty stomach, skipping breakfast and having salad for lunch are all examples Also eating oily, sweets, and heavy flavored things, can hurt the spleen and stomach. External and internal dampness cano both increase the load of the spleen and stomach. The best thing to do is have a cup of rice water daily to strengthen the spleen and stomach.

You can also try this cardamom tea with dried citrus peel to relieve heaviness of the body. Apple and cardamom tea with dried citrus peel (for 1) Ingredients: 1 apple, 3g cardamom, 1 dried citrus peel, 6g patchouli
Preparation: Rinse all ingredients thoroughly. Core apple and cut into pieces. Combine all ingredients with 800ml of water and cook on high heat until boiling. Turn to medium heat and cook for another 20 minutes. Affects: relieves dampness and promotes qi circulation, strengthens spleen and stimulates appetite. Relieves fatigue.

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