February 8, 2020




手腳冰冷人 — 薑湯片糖湯圓

面青唇白人 — 紅豆沙湯圓

暗瘡口臭人 — 綠豆沙湯圓

大便乾硬/早生華髮人 — 芝麻糊湯圓

Sweet dumplings for Lantern Festival
Today is Lantern Festival. Traditional customs usually involves eating sweet dumplings to represent reunion. From Chinese medicine perspective, sweet dumplings are sweet and greasy, and can easily lead to stagnated dampness. Also, glutinous rice is sticky and heavy, which makes it more difficult to digest so do not eat too much of it as that can lead to abdominal bloating. You can eat sweet dumplings in moderation to celebrate the festival. You can choose dessert soup according to your body type.

Those with cold limbs- Sweet dumplings with ginger soup with slab sugar
Ginger is hot in nature, can promote perspiration and dispel cold. Slab sugar can warm the stomach, especially suitable for those with yang deficiency and cold-related body types. It can improve symptoms such as aversion to cold and cold limbs.

Those with pale complexion and lip color- Sweet dumplings with red bean paste
Red bean can replenish blood and stomach. Suitable for those with blood deficiency. It can improve qi and deficiency.

Those with acne and bad breath- Sweet dumplings with mung bean paste
Mung bean can clear heat and remove toxins, relieve summer heat and dispel dampness. Suitable for those with damp heat body type. It can relieve damp heat related symptoms such as acne and bad breath.

Those with dry and hard stool or early appearance of white hair- Sweet dumplings with sesame paste
Sesame can nourish liver and kidneys, nourish blood and improve hair quality, loosen the bowels to relieve constipation. It can relieve symptoms such as dry and hard stool or early appearance of white hair. 

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