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1. 材料洗淨,雞髀切件;薑連皮切厚片。
2. 燒熱油鍋,加入雞件炒至乾身。
3. 加入薑片翻炒。
4. 雞肉炒至金黃,加入米酒至蓋過雞肉,轉武火煮滾,再轉文火炆約10分鐘。
5. 加入1/3麻油煮一會,再加入枸杞子和適量鹽,熄火。
6. 上碟後淋上餘下的麻油即成。


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Healthy living during Winter Solstice Solar Term:
‘’Appropriately consume warm nature ingredients. Dispel cold and nourish stomach’’
Chicken: Replenishes qi and blood. Strengthens the spleen and stomach.
Ginseng: Promote perspiration and dispel cold, warm the body and relieve vomiting.

Sesame Oil Chicken
Ingredients: 2 chicken thigh, 1 large piece of ginger, 600ml rice wine, 15g wolfberry, 80ml sesame oil, salt to taste

1. Rinse all the ingredients thoroughly. Cut chicken thighs into pieces. Slice unpeeled ginger into thick slices.
2. Heat up the pan with oil, stir fry chicken pieces until slightly dry.
3. Add ginger to stir fry.
4. Fry until chicken is slightly brown, add rice wine until it covers the chicken, turn to high heat to bring to a boil, then turn down to simmer for about 10 minutes.
5. Add 1/3 sesame oil and cook for a while, then add wolfberry and salt, and turn off the heat.
6. Pour the remaining sesame oil to the dish. Ready to serve.

*Sesame oil is not resistant to high temperature and might turn bitter if cooked under high heat.
*For a milder taste, use half rice wine and half water for the recipe.

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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