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近期不少學校爆發上呼吸道感染,戴了口罩已大大減低傳播風險,但可能一不為意擦了鼻子沒有洗手再觸摸其他東西,病毒 隨即 四散。同一種病毒傳到不同人身上,有人鼻塞、流鼻水;有人喉嚨又乾又痛;有人卻頭暈、腹瀉,為甚麼?中醫理論視上呼吸道感染為「外感」,外感是一種以風邪為主的疾病,病邪進入體內之後會按個人體質變化,如果風邪結合寒邪會變成外感風寒;風邪結合熱邪會變成外感風熱;如果風邪結合濕邪會變成外感寒濕或外感濕熱。作病時要飲食清淡,不宜進食如雞湯等溫補 食物 ,另外生病了建議盡快求醫,對症下藥,也要配合戒口及多休息才會儘快康復。


治理方法: 辛涼散熱

治理方法: 散寒祛濕


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Differentiating different types of cold
Many cases of respiratory infection are happening in schools recently. Wearing masks may have reduced the rate of transmission, but when we unknowingly touch things after rubbing our noses with our hands, the virus still spreads

People have different reactions when they are infected. Some would develop a stuffy or runny nose, while some might experience a dry and sore throat. Some would even feel dizzy or suffer from diarrhea. What is the reason?

Chinese Medicine theories view respiratory infection as exogenous. It refers to illness caused by the wind pathogen. Once it enters the body, the pathogen changes according to our body constitution.

The combination of wind and cold pathogens can cause exogenous cold-wind; the combination of wind and heat pathogen can lead to the formation of exogenous wind-heat; the combination of wind and dampness pathogen will give birth to exogenous cold-dampness or heat-dampness.

When we are not feeling well, we should eat lighter diet and avoid nourishing food that are hot in nature like chicken soup. Do consult doctors as soon as possible, control our diet, and take enough rest to expedite recovery.

🌬️ Exogenous wind-cold
Symptoms: itchy throat, white phlegm, stuffy nose, runny nose
Treatment: use ingredients that are hot and spicy in nature to dispel cold
To eat: ginger, onion stalk, coriander, dried orange peel, garlic, purple perilla

🔥 Exogenous wind-heat
Symptoms: dry and sore throat, phlegm and mucus yellowish white in color, feeling thirsty
Treatment: clear heat
To eat: monk fruit, fig, radish, pear, chrysanthemum

🥶 Exogenous cold-dampness
Symptoms: aversion to cold, tastelessness, headache, stuffy nose, muscle soreness, severe abdominal pain, diarrhea, loose and clear stools
Treatment: warm the body and clear dampness from the body
To eat: ginger, Chinese yam, poria, rice bean, dried orange peel

🥵 Exogenous heat-dampness
Symptoms: irritability and thirsty, low urine output, unexpected diarrhea, loose and sticky stools that have an unpleasant smell, burning sensation on the anus, feel like defecating right after coming out of the toilet
Treatment: clear heat and dispel dampness
To eat: white hyacinth bean, coix seed, mung bean, Smilax glabra, lotus leaf

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