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養血安神茶療 – 紅棗桂圓茶

Keeping the pit in Chinese Red Dates

Many ladies like Chinese red dates as they help to replenish qi, nourish blood, and calm the mind. They also help to keep a rosy complexion, warm hands and feet. Many ladies choose to have Chinese red dates water.
But many wonder if it is necessary to remove the pit first? Some say that the pit makes the Chinese red date more ‘hot and dry’ in nature. The pit is actually mild in nature but bitter in taste so keeping the pit does not make your food more hot or dry. Chinese red dates are suitable for those with qi deficiency, blood asthenia and those with cold-natured bodies. These types of people should have things that are warm in nature. Those with sufficient qi and blood may create fire in body from having Chinese red dates, leading to heat related symptoms such as sore throats, dry mouth, and acne.
If you are worried about the bitter taste from the pit, then you can remove it before using. Cut open the date while you are removing the pit to allow the flavour to permeate faster.
Chinese red dates tea with longan
Effects: replenish blood and calm the mind, maintain rosy complexion
Ingredients: 6 Chinese red dates, 6 longan
Preparation: Rinse ingredients with hot water and place into thermos. Add in hot water and steep for 10 minutes. Tea can be re-brewed until its flavour weakens.
Note: not suitable for those recovering from cold/flu or those with heat-related symptoms.
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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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