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第二招﹣ 預防眼腫有方法!

1. 可以先塗上緊緻面膜,減低按摩時的摩擦
2. 以手指關節由內眼角沿著眼眶的骨頭內緣按摩至外眼角
3. 經過太陽穴,沿著面骨外側按摩至耳下及下巴部位

Three tricks to fight away swollen eyes!
When you look in the mirror in the morning, are you seeing the real you? Swollen face and eyes, and your double eye lids have gone missing. Swollen eyes is probably quite common to see int eh morning. It could be due to drinking too much water at night, lack of sleep, or even crying before sleep. Those with asthenic spleen and dampness in body are mots prone to swollen eyes as the weakened spleen affects the body’s ability to dispel fluids. With all the fluids stagnated in the body, it will be most visible where your skin is thinnest which is your eyes and face. To relieve swollen eyes, try these three steps below!
First step- Have a cup of cornsilk tea when you see your eyes swollen in the morning.
Ingredients: 10g of cornsilk
Preparation: place cornsilk into tea bag, steep with hot water for 10 minutes or until aroma develops.
Second step- prevent those eyes from becoming swollen!
– use a pillow to elevate your legs to promote blood circulation
– avoid drinking too much water before bedtime
– avoid foods that are too salty or too flavorful
Third step- emergency swollen eyes treatment!
– massage around your eyes for 5-10 times
1. You can apply tightening mask first to decrease rubbing
2. Use your finger joint and start from your inner eye along your eyes until you reach the outer corner of your eyes
3. Go pass your temple, and follow along your outer facial bone to your ears and jaws

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