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✔️CheckCheckCin 米水推介:朝米水、夕米水

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Dry skin vs. fatigued skin
How to enhance the efficacy of facial masks?

Do you have skin concerns but are not sure where to start? Find out which skin type you have below and learn how to regain smooth and radiant skin with a combination of external application and internal care.

🏜️ Dry skin characteristics: Dry, tight, rough skin with fine lines, dullness, and peeling.

Internal care: According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, “”the lungs govern the skin.”” The health of the lungs affects skin quality. Properly moisturizing and nourishing your skin while nurturing your lungs helps maintain youthful skin.

Consume foods that moisten and nourish the lungs, such as snow pears, snow fungus, lily bulb, sesame seed, honey, loquat, dendrobium, almonds, sea coconut, Polygonatum odoratum, and ladybell root. Avoid staying up late and consuming spicy or fried foods.

Recommended facial masks:
【🌾Rice Ferment Ultra Glowing Mask】
Effects: To Brighten and Replenish
$380/5pcs (per box)

🥱Fatigued skin
Characteristics: Dull skin, enlarged pores, prone to blackheads, and makeup does not adhere well.

Internal care: According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, “”spleen deficiency results in parched skin.”” When the spleen is weak, the skin becomes yellowish, dull, and lacks luster. It is essential to nourish your spleen and stomach.

Start by drinking a glass of rice water daily, establish consistent meal schedules, and avoid consuming cold or sugary foods. Consume spleen-nourishing foods like rice, millet, Chinese yam, mung beans, poria, corn, oats, and potatoes in moderation.

Recommended facial masks:
【🌾Rice Amino Acids Hydra Filler Mask】
Effects: To Lift and Reignite
$420/5pcs (per box)

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