July 11, 2023




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Essential herbal tea in the pantry – stress-relieving

The pantry serves as not only a food and drinks replenishment station but also the frontline of stress relief in the office! When feeling breathless, take a stroll to the pantry, as it can help shift your mood. To enhance the perfection of the pantry, the inclusion of rose, jasmine, and osmanthus tea is highly recommended.

From a traditional Chinese Medicine perspective, flower teas have the ability to relax the liver and alleviate depression. Rose and jasmine flowers can improve the flow of the qi and relieve stress, while osmanthus calms the heart and the mind. Combined with the gentle and enchanting floral aroma that emanates from the brewing process, we can swiftly alleviate stress.

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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