July 6, 2023




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Today marks the minor heat solar term which means we are approaching the hottest days of the year. Coupled with high temperature and humidity, it can feel quite miserable to be outdoors and it is important to watch out for heat stroke. People tend to sweat more so you should increase water supply through the diet. Eat more melon to clear summer heat, such as loofah, winter melon, old cucumber, bitter gourd, cucumber, etc. You can also eat sour fruits like kiwi, pineapple, lemon, and mango. The sour taste has the effect of astringency, also can dispel dampness, relieve diarrhea, promote fluid production and aid digestion.
As it’s quite hot, remember to properly balance work and rest and protect your yang qi. It is more suitable to do calmer activities such as gentle hikes, reading and playing chess.

Healthy living during Minor Heat Solar Term:
“Clear summer heat, strengthen the spleen and promote fluid production.”

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✔️Dispels dampness

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