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Is chicken soup good when you have a flu?
I seem to have flus all the time and a lot of friends have different ideas about how to get better. Western says chicken soup, Taiwanese says sesame oil fried egg, Japanese says egg wine, all are meant to relieve flu symptoms, are they actually effective?
CheckCheckCin: Flus are caused by wind pathogen and the common types of flu are hot wind, cold wind, and damp wind. Hot wind related flus usually display with fever, sore throat, cough with phlegm, and dry mouth. Having chicken or chicken soup will worsen the situation. From Chinese medicine perspective, Chicken is warm in nature, can replenish qi and blood. Chicken soup is a warm tonic food so when the pathogen still exists, having tonic food can keep the pathogens in the body so chicken soup is not recommended when recovering from flu.
As for fried egg with sesame oil, sesame oil is warm in nature so people assume it is beneficial for cold wind related flus, but the amount of sesame oil used is too little to make a difference. In regards to egg wine,
it is made with adding raw egg and sugar into sake assuming it can warm the body to relieve flu. From Chinese medicine perspective, alcohol is not recommended during flu as it can affect qi and blood in the body. It is best to consult a practitioner with any healing remedies.
It is beneficial to have rice water daily to strengthen the spleen and stomach, and strengthen overnall health.
Here’s another healing tea to dispel pathogens to relieve frequent occurrence of flus and excessive sweating.
Ingredients: 9g Astragalus Root, 6g fang feng, 6g bighead atractylodes rhizome, 3g poria
Preparation: Rinse all ingredients and cut into shreds, then place into tea bag. Place tea bag into thermos and steep for 15 minutes. Tea can re-brewed until flavour weakens. For best results, have the tea twice in a week.

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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